Who are we, and what do we do?

The Privacy solutions project is a Norwegian registered non-profit organization that focus on developing privacy tools under open source licenses. Currently we're in the process of starting up and getting organized where we move I2Pd and Abscond browser bundle under the organization for better quality assurance, rather than private one-man projects as it has been until now. This way the projects will have continued development and maintenance. We want to see both I2Pd and Abscond become great products that can help you and others with your rights to be anonymous and speak freely. We do also run some services, like the outproxy. After a while we hope to launch a metrics system based on an improved version of the BigBrother project inside the I2P network. Weather maps will be available on clearnet, but with all privacy filters enabled ofcourse. We will log the same as Tor or less.

At this point you won't find much documentation at this page, but we will add more information, links and texts after we're started up and the organization starts to roll on it's own.

The I2Pd Project

The I2Pd project is a lightweight C++ version of the I2P router currently under development. We can establish I2P connections and fetch I2P web pages, but it's far from finished or stable/ready-to-use-in-production.

The Abscond browser bundle

The Abscond browser bundle is a fork of TBB with continued development for support for access to both the I2P and Tor networks. I2P also ships a built-in torrent client which can be found via the Browser.

I2P Outproxy service

The Privacy solutions project delivers outproxy service to I2P, and is shipped per default. This is a free service and it's a lot of users versus the bandwidth on the proxy. We will upgrade when possible. Note that we're the only one, so we take a lot of traffic, so your connection will probably work slow.

Metrics & Statistics

The Privacy solutions project is working on a improved relaunch of the internal project bigbrother.i2p, which is a decentralized statistics system where trusted nodes around the world report routerhashes and country codes in, including successrate on tunnels. No other information is sent.

The people behind it

  Title Name Mail Description
Abscond lead/Administration Mikal Villa ("Meeh") mikal at thisdomain Lead for the Abscond BB. PR. Active developer on i2pd. Lead dev for Anoncoin.
I2Pd lead orignal orignal at thisdomain Lead developer for the i2pd project.
Administration Riccardo Spagni ("fluffypony") ric at thisdomain Keeps track of administrative issues, PR, and law. Lead dev for the Monero coin.
Administration Marielle Osdal marielle at thisdomain Keeps track of administrative issues. PR, Social media.
Advisor/System Administrator Yves Haenggi ("K1773R") yves at thisdomain Advisor and system administrator. Programmer at times.
Advisor / Sysadmin Andre ("Apekatten") andre at thisdomain Advisor, sysadmin, security enthusiast and sometimes developer.

How to help!

There is lot of ways to contribute, we need programmers as well as donations to keep the fast development process. If you're an developer and want to help, please join either #Abscond or #i2pd-dev on irc.freenode.net and have a chat with us! We will get "how to get going" guides as soon as possible.

Paypal or Flatter
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Coin donations

Help us with developing by donating Bitcoin (BTC) 12PdbvjWCuAuMg2ZkFiDWRTRkTt4wDy1Gs

Help us with developing by donating Litecoin (LTC) Li2Pd3TaYX4MtMEk3kRyUzJos66xfHFVxx

Help us with developing by donating Anoncoin (ANC) APi2PdyShuPf6waFsMFwKgykUonDAArk5b

Help us with developing by donating Monero (XMR)44TtNpFQ47wh7RHrZ32jDriGWAaPFWqvu5BnfyLCKwgqA6tE7kbRuSR8ZpGzVGNJcrYRgNSTtXXJ1T1LymYHtFCy9Dn8i4X

Contact US

Contact details in various forms bellow.

Press contact

For press & PR related, initial contact with mail is prefered.

Security contact

For security related information or questions, IRC or if it's confidential; initial contact with mail is prefered.


We got the channels #i2pd-dev and #Abscond both on Freenode, Nordcloud (Meeh's servers, irc.nordcloud.no SSL port 9999, all privacy features enabled), or Irc2P (The standard IRC network inside I2P)